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Blinds on the windows curtains of stripes, which almost instantly change the light to shade. Blinds fitted well in the apartment people, facilitating their way of life. Wooden windows with double glazing Price. With the interest of customers to blinds increases their functionality and diversity. You don't have blinds on the windows yet? You're on the right track! Here on the site, you can choose to buy excellent products with delivery.

Types of blinds for windows

Horizontal, vertical, roll, roll shutters blinds on the windows protect from the bright sun and from prying eyes apartment emphasizing the style and individuality of the interior. Double Glazing Price. Classic blinds – horizontal, they are easy to control. One of the advantages of horizontal blinds is their use in the role of room partitions, dividing it into zones. Vertical blinds, thanks to the shape of the slats-stripes blinds, create a special comfort in the apartment. On the basis of vertical blinds sloping structures are created in non-standard corners of the apartment. Replacing the glass in the window price. Roller shutters the most successful option, as close as possible to the traditional curtain, the easiest and most convenient option window decoration. They are successfully used where it is difficult to use curtains.


Fabric blinds at the windows are the most popular. Lamellas-blinds strips are various properties, thickness and color, usually made of polyester. Very durable, almost not burning out in the sun material, easy to clean. Windows wooden with glass for flat. The higher the density, the longer the service life of the blinds. Features of fabric blinds: color pattern discolored by the sun, jacquard weave is more durable and more expensive. In the kitchen, fiberglass lamellas are recommended, they are subject to burning blinds. Wooden blinds on windows-it is expensive, naturally they are environmentally friendly and durable. Wooden blinds are made of cork wood or canadian Linden. Glazed balcony Khrushchev prices. Unpretentious care. < strong>Metal blinds on windows – usually aluminum, are not afraid of weather conditions, do not lose shape. PVC windows in installments. More often used in non-residential premises. Disadvantage – when the wind make noise, ringing.

What you should pay attention to when choosing?

Mount blinds on the windows in principle determine your purchase. Blinds are attached to the window opening and then the flowers on the windowsill is not the place or blinds are attached to the wall above the window. Before buying need to decide whether to interfere with the opening of the window blinds, how long will the blinds. PVC windows in installments. After determining the attachment can you talk about that the blinds will be horizontal or vertical. Importantly! Calculation of the size of blinds. From the window height, subtract a couple of inches below the slats don't lay on the window sill. If you'll mount the blinds over the window, the size of the width increase by 15 inches. If the blinds are long, minus 5 inches from the height to the floor. Cold glazed balcony. Decide where the blinds will open to open the window freely. Undecided? Picked up an option? Note the blinds on the Windows modern, important detail of the interior and it should be on your window.

  1. specify the material of blinds on the window
  2. submit the application form online from the website
  3. confirm by phone
  4. home delivery
  5. payment

How to buy blinds for windows?

In order to buy window blinds, you need to carefully fill in contact information here on the site. Specify the required product model. Please provide a convenient time for home delivery. Soon you will be contacted by the chief technician. He will inform the details of your order. Glazed insulate balcony. Bringing and installation of blinds quickly to the specified address and at the appointed time!

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